Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Week Ago

One week ago today, my boys turned THREE! Man that sounds old. They'll practically be full-time missionaries by the end of next year! That's how fast time seems to be moving these days.

We had quite the celebration, which unfortunately took place without a camera. Of all days for our camera to stop working. I'm still mourning over it. So, I'm going to do my best to paint the picture.

This was the first of their birthdays spent at home. Each previous year, we've been in Twin for Thanksgiving and were too stuffed with pie to really celebrate much. Not this year! I wanted it to be different. They are now old enough to recognize the magic of it all and I wanted them to feel special. And they did.

My amazingly talented, birthday-loving, generous friend made them individual cakes...the week of Thanksgiving...with lots of family at her place to be entertained. And still, she did it. Did I mention generous? I'm still amazed at her kindness. They. Were. AwSOmE!!! The most darling trains you've ever seen. And if my camera wouldn't have died, you would now be viewing the darling trains! Believe me...cutest ever. The boys loved them and admired them for a few hours before devouring them. They were so excited to be sung to and took forever to blow out all three of their candles. Like the trains, they were darling.

We had family in town and had some friends over, after celebrating with the Tucker cousins the night before. It was a party-filled weekend. Just the way I wanted. They were spoiled big time and are having a really hard time sharing their loot. Carson is still walking around the house singing "Happy Birthday" daily. They say "thank you Grandma Tucker" every time they pull out their Buzz Computer and Dinasour Train friends. And they say "thank you Grandma Lori" every time they play with Gordan and Henry and eat from their ginormous box of Goldfish. Yep...they get it...and they still feel special.

I've been thinking about all the years of birthdays ahead of us. It felt like Christmas at our house...over the top. But then I remind myself that we were celebrating TWO birthdays...TWO precious lives. We were showering BOTH boys with love and gifts to last them another year. So often, they are lumped together and I feel bad about it. They are such individuals...who just happen to share a birthday. I hope they don't grow up feeling jipped. I mean, this is the day that all kids wait for all year round. The day that their parents, their entire family, and their friends focus only on them. That one special day to be selfish and spoiled. And they have to SHARE it. As an adult you get over it (kind of!). But as a kid, it's a big deal. We are just going to have to party extra hard on that one day, since it's two parties in one. As a Mother, you just want your children to feel of your love. And you certainly don't want one to feel it more than another.

I'm grateful for a Mom who always makes me feel special and loved on my birthdays. I'm doing my best to do the same for Carson and for Cade.

Thanks to all of our loved ones who helped me do just that this year.


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

We are so happy that we could be there to celebrate the BIG 3!!! We love Cade & Carson and the whole Tucker fam :-)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little guys. I'm happy I found a way to worm myself into the special day. :) And that reminds me, I need to send you some of my pictures.

Amber said...

sorry we missed the big day :( sounds like it was great!!