Monday, October 11, 2010

Play Dates At Our House

The boys love having friends over to play. And since they love it, I love it. Jack is a friend that is over frequently. They are so cute as they try to play together and share toys. This is usually how it goes...

Trains are almost always first. Funny how we set up some huge track and all three decide they want to play in the exact same place. Commical really.
Then they head outside and get super silly. They just might have touched tongues right after this picture was taken.
Again, all three all on the slide at the same time. Two year olds are funny.

Jack in an affecianate little boy. He started out just by patting Cade's head.
Then a neck hug.
And then full-blown kisses! It was pretty cute to watch.

Shane was kind enough to offer himself up as a human tunnel. They all then acted like trains as they went under the tunnel. And they were so proud of themselves!

The night ended with "The Cat in the Hat" and kettle corn. Wanna know what's funny about this particular play date? Jack's sister Sydney was there too. She slept on the couch amid the chaos almost the entire time. If only I could sleep as soundly!
Yay for friends!!!


des said...

SOO cute. I looked at all the little pictures like 10 times. Jack and Sydney giggles at them too. We sure love you guys. perfect fit for us!! I can't get over the tongue touching. hahaha. and those are great of them hugging. cute cute.

Aubrey said...

ha! love that jack was so affectionate! and the human tunnel!