Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Treat

For my birthday this last weekend, we headed to Salt Lake to go see The Lion King on Broadway at the Capitol Theatre. For Shane, this was a sacrifice. Not because he doesn't like doing things like this. He does. But as many of you probably know, College Game Day came to Boise on Saturday. This was kind of a big deal. And we were in Utah. But it was my birthday...and he spoiled me rotten. But I'm sure I'll hear about it until the day I die!

Anyway, it was AMAZING! So worth it. My Mom watched the little boys (thanks Mom!). We had a great time. Lindsay and Wynn are wonderful hosts and it was a treat to spend the weekend in their home. And don't worry about Shane. He got to watch the game that night on Wynn's awesomly ginormous TV. Thanks for saving the day Wynn! Yay for Birthdays!!!


Amber said...

how fun!!! you get to do WAY too many fun things :)

julie said...

SO JEALOUS. I knew I would be, whatever Shane did...but wow! Am I ever.

And about the shower post...sometimes I think showers are a blissful getaway from my whiny children. A time when I can not hear them, see them or deal with them for just a few moments. I start breathing easier and fuller. And then I get out and see something as bad as your keyboard. And the need to scream in a pillow rushes forward all over again. You seem to handle it much better than me. I think I need a tranquilizer.