Friday, February 5, 2010


We got to watch this little dude this week. Emery is 6 months younger than my boys but you wouldn't know it. They love Emery. Talk about him everyday. And they were so cute together this week.
Without any prompting from me, they each took a chair at the table and asked for crackers. So all had a snack.
And played with trains.

And watched "Cars." Again, without any help from me, they each took a cushion on the couch for the movie. How cute are they?!
Later, we all went out for ice cream and I heard some people around us say, "Look at those triplets!" And we kept walking without correcting them.


Cheri said...

You have a decorative display on your table? How is that even possible? It would be seconds before it was torn to bits around my place.

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

These are great Amy! Thanks for watching Emery. He loves his "brothers" :-)