Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For Luke

Luke sent these 80's-Looking tourists T-shirts to the fam for Christmas. Lauren and I wore them all day on Christmas in honor of our D.C. missionary brother. This was taken Christmas morning...pretty HOT, huh?! What's with Lauren's hiked-up zebra pants, you ask? Well don't ask, because I don't know!We are missing Luke...lots. But he will be home before you know it. May is his month! And it is bittersweet for him to be nearing the end of his mission because he is such a great missionary. He's on fire and doing a wonderful work. I love reading about his experiences on a weekly basis. It's one of the highlights of my week. I will miss that. But that doesn't stop me from feeling ecstatic about seeing him and having him around again in 3 short months.
He had his nice bike stolen. And then the wheels were stolen from his replacement bike. What the heck?!
Such a good-lookin' kid.


Justin and JoLyn said...

I love Luke too! He is such a good person... I hope my little kids will somehow have the opportunity to know their older cousins someday because they are all such awesome people! I can only hope that I can raise as good as kids as my sisters.
(P.S. Almost done with Catching Fire!)

Nan and Aaron said...

oh how we love Elder Lukie!