Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow Day

Carson in his get-up & not too fond of it. The look on his face is classic!

Cade anxiously waiting to get out the door.

Carson enjoyed himself once we got outside...most of the time!

Cade was in HEAVEN! He couldn't get enough of it.
Stuck! "I can't get up!!!"
Love this picture.

Yummy snow!
This is a much more efficient way to eat the snow.

Carson fell down...and it all went down hill from there. He lost a glove and wouldn't touch the snow without it (surprise, surprise!). Is it bad that I found his little situation hilarious?!

Even after I got him up on his feet, he was distraught to see that he was still missing his glove!
Still pouting

Cade threw an absolute fit when he was made to come inside. Dinosaur Train was the only thing that stopped his crying. He watched the entire thing in his snow pants.

It was a fun time and worth the tears that came with it!


Amber said...

CUTE pictures!!! and merry Christmas!!

Marie Photographie said...

Oh, man. Those are sure cute boys! They make me laugh!! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

Janelle Dobson said...

So fun. I can see a lot of you in Carson....or is it Cade? Do you want to hang out when I come in town next week? I'd love to see you and the boys.

Jeremy and Debbie said...

That is so FUN!!! I always love to see and hear the personality of them individually! This is so funny to me!!! I have a hard time not laughing at my boys when they do some of the same things. Loosing gloves minor compared to the "MOM! Why are you laughing at me!" Look and tantrum that follows!!! :) Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Lacy said...

I couldn't stop chuckling at your Carson either. I love how his hand is way up in his "I just fell down pictute" At least your son was smart enough to not touch the snow with his bare hands. Jordan dispised wearing the mittens. He'd take them off and then forget they were off and pick up some snow for a snow ball fight. Then he would ball because his hands hurt so bad. I'd dry them off and the cycle would repeat itself! This happened at least 5 times.
I just love bundles up babies. Kid look so cute already for snow play.

Huke, Lollie, and Gracie! said...

Such fun snow pictures. We had fun in the Snow for the first time with Gracie this Christmas too.

Amanda Jean said...

So precious! Ella is also not sure about snow cloths and will not walk with her boots on-nooo matter what! Her stocking was a big hit at Christmas. Thanks again-it is so precious.