Thursday, September 3, 2009


The day has come. It's official. Welcome back college football! Is it really back already? Seems like we were just doing this! Anyway, it's exciting all the same. Today we are all sporting our colors.

Shane got me a "game day" watch. Cute, huh?

The jerseys are courtesy of Grandma & Grandpa Tucker. These pictures are mostly for them!

And I have no doubt in my mind that Shane is wearing his nice Bronco polo with pride (I didn't see him before he left for work this morning).

I must say, I've come a long way in the football department! Shane is more than just a BSU fan. He is one of those...I-know-everything-about-every-team-and-every-player-in football fans. And really, he knows it all. When it comes to this game, he soaks up copious amounts of facts and information and retains it all. If only retaining all the information for the CPA exam was so easy. If only. Needless to say, he's fun to watch games with because he can tell you all the history and fun facts about all the players to make you feel like you've been following the team from who knows where forever! I didn't really understand how deep his love for the game was when we married. But I do now!

While I was on bedrest, Shane was in heaven with ESPN at his fingertips. It made his stay at the "St. Luke's Resort" (as he would say) actually enjoyable. We watched a LOT of college football. During that particular season, I knew way more about random teams and players than I wanted to admit. So unlike me. But I would be lying if I said that I hated every minute of it.

I would also be lying if I said that I wasn't a fan of BSU football. I'll admit, I didn't embrace it right off the bat. I tried to resist it for a long time. When I was in high school and college, I never would have thought that BSU would be my school and my team. But then I met Shane. Not soon after...I'm a student at BSU. And to my surprise, I loved it. I met some great people, made some amazing friends, and had some outstanding professors. By the time I graduated, I was so proud to be BSU alum. I really do love the school. On top of us both being BSU alum, we are still living and growing in the community that bleeds BLUE & ORANGE. It is hard to live here and not be a fan. So, yes, I've embraced it. My boys are wearing jerseys on game day. And I'm more than OK with it! And I figure, the rest of my life is going to be a whole lot more fun if I embrace that which my husband loves. So, here's to today! Go BSU!!!

AND (if you are still with me) some more pictures for your viewing pleasure of our two little broncos!


Anonymous said...

Go Broncos!! Very nice post.


*LaUrA* said...

Aww! they are so cute! I can't believe how big they are getting...looking like such little boys! Go broncos!

Emily (Good Frau) said...

You should work in PR for BSU! I totally want to go there now.

Your little Broncos are sure cute!

And I have that black ottoman. Love it. It's perfect for stashing toys without looking like a toy box. But I didn't need to tell you that.

Lauraburton said...

They are SO cute!!

Ashley said...

I actually read it all! Phew...barely ;)

Your boys are getting sooo big and cute!

Nelly said...

That's funny, Amy. I didn't know how much my husband loved football until we were married, either. And I know 2 other friends who've said the same thing. LOL! Brandon's ticked that he's gotta work on Saturday (BYU's first game). He's made more than one comment on calling in sick. ;) Love the watch, gotta get me one in Blue and White. GO COUGS! ;)

Annette said...

Thanks for the Post! I miss my little boys! They are as cute as ever. Grandpa (President T) is sneaking a peak at the game - way past his bed time! Go Broncos!!

Jaylynn said...

YAY! Go broncos! We are watching the opening game right now! You're boys look so cute, and I love your comments about how you became a Bronco football fan, as I am pretty much of the same story. My hubby is a huge college football buff and now being BSU alum, we bleed the blue and orange as well!!

MAG of Marie Photographie said...

Loved reading this, Amy! You guys are so cute. And your boys, my are they getting big and handsome! :)

carol.lambert said...

So cute, Amy! We were excited as we watched that Boise game!
Now, just throw in a little white with that blue and let those boys also become BYU fans!
Wow, two super games -- super fun and exiting games!

Huke, Lollie, and Gracie! said...

I think if i would have married a guy that was so into watching sports, I would be writing the same post, word for word!! I am lucky because Luke loves to play the sports like me but on so much watch them. You are probably a very good football fan wife now like you said, I don't think I could do that because I have never really understood what is so exciting about football. I'd much rather watch basketball and soccer any day! Your boys look super cute and I love the new header picture. It is fun to get excited about things like that occasionally. Rooting for a team that you have some kind of investment in is fun. Go Broncos!

Lacy said...

that's great. I'm glad you posted all about that. I know several people who get all enthused about BSU football, even people who previously didn't like football. It's foreign to me. I often wonder how the tranformation can happen and so I liked reading yours :) I love that you support him and love what he loves and your bosy do look super cute.

Jason and Dana said...

Shane you still make me proud. Amy, way to step up to the plate.
I hope you are watching ole miss south carolina right now and excited for missouri nevada tomorrow night. Not to mention a full slate saturday.
Go Broncos.