Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Latest Stats

The boys had a recent visit to the Doctor for their 18 month visit. Our last visit was relatively uneventful. They did well...despite their shots. This time, however, they put up a fight. They fussed and whined from the second we stepped into the room to the second we left. It was like they knew it wasn't a happy place. They were such a handful. Glad we don't have to go very often. In the end, we learned what we pretty much already knew. They are both happy, healthy, and very different from each other.

Cade is still our little light-weight. He weighed 21 lbs. which landed him in the 3rd percentile. His height is in the 6th percentile.

Carson is growin' like a weed. In comparison to his last visit, he has jumped quite a bit on the growth charts. He weighs 24 lbs. which is the 30th percentile. He's also 2 inches taller than Cade.

I love that these two little men are so different from one another. We always joke that we're going to have Shane & Brady twins...which if you know Shane's family at all, you know that they hardly look like brothers...physically. We act like it's a bad thing but really, I'm more than OK with that!!!