Saturday, May 2, 2009

Catching Up

A few weekends ago, we were able to meet up with some old friends who were in town visiting. Jason & Mary have been living back east and we haven't seen them for quite awhile. It was fun to catch up with them & their cute fam. They have the cutest kids. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture with everyone, but here are a few that we did manage to get. We had a fun night along with some dang good food! Thank you to Kyle's parents who let us party at their place.

These guys go WAY back. It's fun to see them get together & reminisce about all the good times. This is Jason with his oldest, Jonas, Kyle with Cade & Milo, and Shane with Carson.

Cara, I thought this was a really good one of Kyle & Milo.

I'm can't remember why Kyle ended up holding Cade. Maybe he was secretly fulfilling his dream of having twins!!! :)


millerandbrandi said...

That's fun having Cara and Kyle live in the same city! I haven't seen Jason in, we are getting old :) The boys are cute as ever!

Kyle and Cara said...

That is a cute picture. I need to post my pictures too.