Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Week!!!

Apparently, to become an in-law in my family, your birthday must be in March. And not only in the month of March, but during a certain week in March. That's right, all the in-laws in my family have a birthday within the same week.

Wynn kicked off the birthday week last Saturday. They celebrated in Salt Lake.

Natalie's day was yesterday. They celebrated in Chicago.

Shane's day is TODAY! We will be celebrating in Boise. Hopefully we'll have a fun birthday weekend despite Shane feeling a little under-the-weather.
It's a bummer we aren't all together to have a huge birthday party.
So, for any potential future in-laws our first question, and by far the most important, will probably be, "When's your birthday?"


Jonathan & Bree said...

In my hubby's family he has two sisters, his dad, and his siters baby are all the same week in June 21,24,25,27. That's funny that it is all the in-laws though

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

March birthdays are the best :) Tell Shane we say happy birthday, hope you guys had a fun night!!!!

Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday again, Shane. Hope your ear gets better soon. Are you getting new teeth? Halle gets ear infections when she's teething.

Claire said...

How funny about the birthdays! That's kind of like my family. We had NO February birthdays on either side and now just in the last year, between mine and Jaran's we have 4.
I saw your in-laws in the Church News today! That's exciting about their mission call, and to be presidents! Tell them good luck!

Desarae said...

hahaha that is crazy! I hope they all had a happy birthday. Happy birthday Shane!

MAG said...

Will's family is the same way! Everyone's birthday is in February. Happy Birthday, Shane!