Sunday, November 29, 2009

You know Carson is sick when...

He decides to do this.
Carson NEVER lays and cuddles with anyone for more that 2 seconds. He's been like this all day. He even fell asleep in my arms. What?!? That hasn't happened since he was 2 months old! Is it bad that I am enjoying this side of Carson? I know it is temporary so I am soaking it up. He has croup. It really is a horrible thing. I am waiting for Cade to go down with his sidekick but so far, so good! Hope it stays that way. I want it out of my house!!!


des said...

OH! sick kid! thats terrible. I hope that his partner in crime doesn't come down with it! But on the flip side- I totally dont think that it is bad you are enjoying it some, who doesn't like their baby cuddling and falling alseep in their arms- thats awesome!